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Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

Philips Sense And Simplicity To Lighting Bussiness Highlights

We know and agree that Philips is leader of Lighting lamp in the world. Use motto "Sense And Simplicity" philips go to be a leader. At the Philips website he writing with topic "Lighting Bussiness Highlight". For complete the writing please read below:

Lighting Business Highlights

Our Lighting sector is dedicated to introducing innovative end-user-driven and energy-efficient solutions and applications for lighting, based on a thorough understanding of the customer needs, both in public and private context.

Shaping the Future 

Philips Lighting is a leading provider of solutions and applications for both professional and consumer markets.

We address lighting needs in a full range of environments – indoors (homes, shops, offices, schools, hotels, factories, and hospitals) as well as outdoors (public places, residential areas and sports arenas). We also meet people’s needs on the road, by providing safe lighting in traffic (car lighting and street lighting).

In addition, we deliver light-inspired experiences through architectural and city beautification projects. Our lighting is also used for specific applications, including horticulture, refrigeration lighting and signage, as well as heating, air and water purification, and healthcare.

With the new lighting technologies, such as LED technology, and the increasing demand for energy efficient solutions, Philips will continue shaping the future with groundbreaking new lighting applications.

To read complete the article KLIK HERE

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